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2023 Winlock Egg Day Royalty

    The Winlock Egg Day Royal Court is a group of individuals who are selected through a pageant competition to represent the community of Winlock, and serve as ambassadors for the Egg Day Festival throughout the year. The members of the Royal Court typically include an Egg Day Queen or King, as well as several attendants or princesses.

    The competition for the Egg Day Queen or King and their Court is called the Winlock Egg Day Pageant. Contestants participate in a variety of activities and events, and are judged based on criteria such as personality, poise, and community involvement. The winners are crowned as ambassadors for Winlock and are expected to attend various community events throughout the year, promote the festival, and serve as positive role models for youth in the area.

     The Royal Court is an important part of the Egg Day Festival, and members of the Court often participate in parades, community service projects, and other events leading up to the festival. The goal of the Royal Court is to promote community involvement and engagement, and to provide a positive experience for contestants and their families.

2023 Egg Day Royalty Application

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